Possible Problem Solution

Misconfigured If you are not using local acknowledgment, misconfigured T1 timers can cause periodic

T1 timers timeouts.

Step 1 Use a network analyzer to see how long it takes for packets to travel from one end of the network to the other.

Step 2 Use a ping test to the remote router and note the round-trip delay. Compare this value with the configured T1 timer values on end systems.

Step 3 If the round-trip delay is close to or exceeds the T1 timer value, acknowledgments are probably being delayed or dropped by the WAN. For delays, increase the T1 configuration on end systems. For drops, check buffers and interface queues.

Step 4 Enable local acknowledgment to see whether that solves the problem.

WAN link problem

For information on troubleshooting serial line problems, refer to Chapter 15, "Troubleshooting Serial Line Problems." For information on troubleshooting different WAN environments, refer to the appropriate chapter elsewhere in this book.

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