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Misconfigured x25 map command

Step 1 Use the show running-config privileged exec command to view the router configuration. Look for x25 map interface configuration command entries.

Step 2 Make sure that x25 map commands specify the correct address mappings.

To retract a prior mapping, use the no form of the x25 map command with the appropriate network protocol(s) and X.121 address argument:

no x25 map protocol address x121-address

To set up the LAN protocols-to-remote host mapping, use the x25 map interface configuration command:

x25 map protocol address [protocol2 address2[...[protocol9 address9]]] x121-address [option]

Misconfigured x25 map command

Syntax Description:

• protocol—Protocol type, entered by keyword. Supported protocols are entered by keyword. As many as nine protocol and address pairs can be specified in one command line.

• address—Protocol address.

• x121-address—X.121 address of the remote host.

• option—(Optional) Additional functionality that can be specified for originated calls.

Step 3 Ensure that all router X.25 configuration options match the settings of attached switches. Reconfigure the router or switch as necessary.

Step 4 Enable the debug x25 events command and look for RESTART messages (for PVCs) or CLEAR REQUESTs with nonzero cause codes (for SVCs).

To interpret X.25 cause and diagnostic codes provided in the debug x25 events output, refer to the Debug Command Reference.

1 LAPB = Link Access Procedure, Balanced

2 UA = Unnumbered Ack

3 SAMB = Set Asynchronous Balance Mode

4 PVC = permanent virtual circuit

5 SVC = switched virtual circuit

X.25: Excess Serial Errors on X.25 Link

Symptom: The output of the show interfaces serial command shows REJs, RNRs, FRMRs, RESTARTs, or DISCs in excess of 0.5% of information frames (IFRAMEs).

Note If any of these fields are increasing and represent more than 0.5% of the number of IFRAMEs, there is probably a problem somewhere in the X.25 network. There should always be at least one SABM. However, if there are more than 10, the packet switch probably is not responding.

Table 19-2 outlines the problem that might cause this symptom and describes solutions to that problem.

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