DECnet Routing Node Adjacencies Toggle Up and Down

Symptom: Routing adjacencies toggle up and down. Output such as the following appears repeatedly on the DEC system console:

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 30-JUN-1993 1:25:07.45 %%%%%%%%%%%%

Message from user DECNET on The Bay

DECnet event 4.16, adjacency rejected

Circuit UNA-0, Adjacent node = 1.101 (Vax1)

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 30-JUN-1993 1:25:07.46 %%%%%%%%%%%% Message from user DECNET on The Bay DECnet event 4.15, adjacency up

From NODE 12.1 (The Bay), 30-JUN-1993 1:25:07.46 Circuit UNA-0, Adjacent node = 1.12 (Vax2)

This output indicates that routers are constantly being added to and removed from the routing table. The OPCOM messages specify DECnet events 4.16 (adjacency rejected) and 4.15 (adjacency up) for specific routing nodes.

Table 11-6 outlines the problems that might cause this symptom and describes solutions to those problems.

Table 11-6 DECnet: Routing Node Adjacencies Toggle Up and Down

Possible Problem Solution

Total number of routing nodes on DECnet limits the number of adjacencies that can be established by a router network segment is more than 32 to 32.

Step 1 Enable the debug decnet events privileged exec command to determine whether the adjacency is being rejected. Enable this command on one router at a time.

Step 2 If the adjacency is being rejected, reduce the number of adjacent routers on the segment.

Hardware problem Check the error message output to identify the routing node or nodes that are causing the adjacency to toggle.

Follow the procedures outlined in Chapter 3, "Troubleshooting Hardware and Booting Problems."

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