Datagram Delivery Protocol

AppleTalk's primary network-layer protocol is the Datagram Delivery Protocol (DDP). DDP provides connectionless service between network sockets. Sockets can be assigned either statically or dynamically.

AppleTalk addresses, which are administered by the DDP, consist of two components: a 16-bit network number and an 8-bit node number. The two components are usually written as decimal numbers, separated by a period (for example, 10.1 means network 10, node 1). When an 8-bit socket identifying a particular process is added to the network number and node number, a unique process on a network is specified.

AppleTalk Phase 2 distinguishes between nonextended and extended networks. In a nonextended network such as LocalTalk, each AppleTalk node number is unique. Nonextended networks were the sole network type defined in AppleTalk Phase 1. In an extended network such as EtherTalk and TokenTalk, each network number/node number combination is unique.

Zones are defined by the AppleTalk network manager during the router configuration process. Each node in an AppleTalk network belongs to a single specific zone. Extended networks can have multiple zones associated with them. Nodes on extended networks can belong to any single zone associated with the extended network.

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