WebSENSE Configuration

Eight tabs are used to configureWebSENSE :

• Workstations

• Registration

• About WebSENSE

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When you open the WebSENSE Configuration window, you will see eight configuration tabs:

■ Screening—Gives you control over the protocols and categories that WebSENSE blocks and the times when they are blocked.

■ Custom URLs—Enables you to override blocking of web sites, and allows you to screen web sites that are not in the WebSENSE Master Database.

■ Workstations—Enables you to create different access policies on a workstation-by-workstation basis.

■ Messages—Enables you to create a message that displays when a user is trying to access a web page to which access is not permitted.

■ Logging—Enables you to keep track of Internet activity passing through the PIX Firewall.

■ Registration—Enables you to enter and modify WebSENSE registration information.

■ Control—Displays the version of the Master Database is currently running.

■ About WebSENSE—Provides the information you need to contact NetPartners for WebSENSE-related sales and support.

CAUTION If you want to save any changes that you have made to the WebSENSE configuration using the eight tabs, you MUST stop and then restart the WebSENSE server after your changes are complete.

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