Provides dynamic peruser authentication and authorization via Tacacs and Radius protocols

CSPFA 1.01-8-6

The Cisco IOS Firewall authentication proxy feature allows network administrators to apply specific security policies on a per-user basis. Previously, user identity and related authorized access was associated with a user's IP address, or a single security policy had to be applied to an entire user group or subnet. Now, users can be identified and authorized on the basis of their per-user policy, and access privileges tailored on an individual basis are possible, as opposed to general policy applied across multiple users.

With the authentication proxy feature, users can log in to the network or access the Internet via HTTP, and their specific access profiles are automatically retrieved and applied from a Cisco Secure Asynchronous Communications Server (ACS), or other RADIUS or TACACS+ authentication server. The user profiles are active only when there is active traffic from the authenticated users.

The authentication proxy is compatible with other Cisco IOS security features such as Network Address Translation (NATCBAC, IP Security (IPSec) encryption, and VPN client software.

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