Preference Set

I Default Period



F NNTP F RealAudio



F Abortion

F Activist Groups

F Adult Entertainment

F Alcohol/Tobacco

F Alternative Journals

F Cult/New Age

F Drugs

F Entertainment

F Gambling

F Games

F Hacking F Illegal F Job Search F Lifestyles F Militancy F Personals^Dating F Politics F Racism F Religion F Sex 1

F Sex 2 F Shopping F Sports F Tasteless F Travel F User-defined F Vehicles F Violence F Weapons F Web Chat

After you choose whether you want to create a new preference set or edit an existing preference set by clicking either New or Edit from the Preference Set frame in the Screening tab, the Preference Set window opens. From this window you define your new preference set or edit your existing preference set. Specifically, you can choose what protocols and categories to block by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes within both the Protocols and Categories frames.

If you choose to edit the Default Period preference set, initially all protocols and categories are blocked (all checkboxes are selected). You can modify the protocols and categories that the Default Period blocks, but you cannot set its active period.

Set Preference Set Times

©2000, Cisco Systems,

©2000, Cisco Systems,

After you have defined a preference set, you can create one or more screening periods for it. Each screening period identifies the time of day and days of the week that the preference set is active. Choose the days and times when the preference set will be active from the Screening Period frame in the Screening tab. When a preference set is active, WebSENSE blocks the categories and protocols that have been selected in the Preference Set window.

Note Remember that the screening dates and times displayed in the Screening Period frame are never applicable to the Default Period, which is automatically active when no other preference set is active.

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