Intrusion Detection

• Acts as an in-line intrusion detection sensor

• When a packet or packets match a signature, it can perform any of the following configurable actions:

- Alarm: Send an alarm to an IDS Director or Syslog server

- Drop: Drop the packet

- Reset: Send TCP resets to terminate the session

• Identifies 59 common attacks

• Identifies 59 common attacks

©2000, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Cisco IOS Firewall now offers intrusion detection technology for mid-range and high-end router platforms with firewall support. It is ideal for any network perimeter, and especially for locations in which a router is being deployed and additional security between network segments is required. It also can protect intranet and extranet connections where additional security is mandated, and branch-office sites connecting to the corporate office or Internet.

The Cisco IOS Firewall's intrusion detection system identifies 59 common attacks using signatures to detect patterns of misuse in network traffic. The intrusion detection signatures available in the new release of the Cisco IOS Firewall were chosen from a broad cross-section of intrusion detection signatures. The signatures represent severe breaches of security and the most common network attacks and information-gathering scans.

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