Installation Wizard"/>

Note Close all Windows programs before you run Setup.

To start installation of Cisco Secure ACS for Windows NT, complete the following steps:

Step 1 Log in as the local system administrator to the machine on which you are installing Cisco Secure ACS.

Step 2 Insert the Cisco Secure ACS CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. The Installation window opens.

Step 3 Click Install. The Software License Agreement window opens.

Step 4 Read the Software License Agreement. Click Accept to agree to the licensing terms and conditions. The Welcome window opens.

Step 5 Click Next The Before You Begin window opens.

Step 6 Verify that each condition is met, and then click the checkbox for each item. Click Nex.t

Step 7 Click Next (Click Explain for more information on the listed items. If any condition is not met, click Cancel to exit Setup.)

Step 8 If all conditions are met, click Nextto continue.

Note If this is a new installation, skip to Step 11.

Step 9 (Optional.) If Cisco Secure ACS is already installed, the Previous Installation window opens. You are prompted to remove the previous version and save the existing database information. To keep the existing data, click Yes, keep existing database and click Next. To use a new database, deselect the checkbox and click Next If you checked the c heckbox, Setup backs up the existing configuration. Setup removes the old files. When the files are removed, click OK.

Step 10 If Setup finds an existing configuration, you are prompted whether you want to import the configuration. To keep the existing configuration, click Yes, import configuration and click Next To use a new configuration, deselect the checkbox and click Next

Step 11 The Choose Destination Location window opens. To install the software in the default directory, click Next To use a different directory, click Browse and enter the directory to use. If the directory does not exist, you are prompted to create one. Click Yes. The Authentication Database Configuration window opens.

Step 12 Click the option button for the authentication databases to be used by Cisco Secure. Check the Cisco Secure ACS Database only option (the default). Also check the Windows NT User Database option. If you select the first option, Cisco Secure ACS will use only the Cisco Secure ACS database for authentication; if you select the second option, Cisco Secure ACS will check both databases.

Step 13 (Optional.) To limit dial-in access to only those users you specified in the

Windows NT User Manager, click the Yes, reference "Grant dialin permission to user" setting. Click Next The Network Access Serv er Details window opens.

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