5000 554 5001

5000 554 5001

TCP: Control

2008 3057 3056

Setup transport = rtp/avp/udp client_port = 3056-3057 server_port = 5000-5001


UDP: RTCP Reports

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In standard RTP mode, the following three channels are used by RTSP:

■ TCP control channel—Standard TCP connection initiated from the client to the server.

■ RTP data channel—Simplex (unidirectional) UDP session used for media delivery using the RTP packet format from the sever to the client. The client's port is always an even numbered port.

■ RTCP reports—Duplex (bidirectional) UDP session used to provide synchronization information to the client and packet loss information to the server. The RTCP port is always the next consecutive port from the RTP data port.

For standard RTP mode RTSP traffic, the PIX Firewall behaves in the following manner:

0 0

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