Network ipaddress


9-2 network ip-address mask network-mask

Limitations: Up to 200 instances of the network command may be used in the configuration. For Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0 and later, this restriction has been removed.

Purpose: Interior Gateway Protocols such as RIP and OSPF use the network command to determine on which interfaces the protocol will be active. The BGP neighbor command is used to determine which interfaces will run BGP. The BGP network command is used to determine the networks that will be advertised to BGP neighbors. In order for a network to be advertised by BGP, it must be known to the originating router. Routes learned via EBGP are automatically advertised to other EBGP neighbors. A known network is one that is directly connected, static, or learned through a dynamic routing protocol. The first form of the network command requires a classful IP address. A classful address is either Class A with an 8-bit subnet mask, Class B with a 16-bit subnet mask, or Class C with a 24-bit subnet mask. The second form can be used with either a classful or classless prefix.

Cisco IOS Software Release: 10.0

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