Network ipaddress mask networkmask backdoor

Syntax Description:

ip-address— Network to advertise to BGP peers.

network-mask— Optional parameter used to advertise nonclassful network prefixes.

Defaults: None

Limitations: Up to 200 instances of the network command may be used in the configuration. For Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0 and later, this restriction has been removed.

Purpose: When a router is running more than one IP routing protocol, the possibility exists that a particular route might be learned by two or more protocols. Because different IP routing protocols calculate the cost to a route using different metrics, the protocol cost cannot be used to select the best path. When a route is known by more than one IP routing protocol, Cisco routers use the administrative distance to select the best path, with the lowest administrative distance being preferred. EBGP routes have an administrative distance of 20, and IGPs have a higher administrative distance:

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