Neighbor ipaddress peergroupname advertisementinterval seconds

peer-group-name— Name of the peer group. See section 8-19.

Defaults: IBGP 5 seconds. EBGP 30 seconds.

Purpose: To set the minimum interval between the sending of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing updates. To restore the default setting, use the no form of this command. When a route that is being advertised by BGP changes, BGP sends either an UPDATE or WITHDRAWN message. If an advertised route is flapping, usually caused when an interface is unstable, a flood of UPDATE and WITHDRAWN messages occurs. One method to control the flooding of BGP messages is to set a minimum advertisement interval. With the default value of 30 seconds for EBGP neighbors, BGP routing updates are sent only every 30 seconds, even if a route is flapping many times during this 30-second interval. BGP dampening can also be used to control the effects of flapping routes (see sections 3-7, 3-8, and 3-9).

Cisco IOS Software Release: 10.0. Peer group support was added in Release 11.0. Configuration Example 1: Default Advertisement Interval

Figure 8-2 illustrates the default advertisement interval for IBGP and EBGP connections. The default advertisement interval is automatically set when the initial neighbor relationship is established.

Figure 8-2. Default BGP Advertisement Intervals for IBGP and EBGP

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