Show ip ospf processid floodlist intname intnumber

Syntax Description:

® process-id— The OSPF process ID. The range of values is 1 to 4,294,967,295. ® int-name— Interface name. ® int-number— Interface number.

Purpose: To display LSAs that are queued for flooding. An OSPF process ID can be used if more than one OSPF process is active using the form show ip ospf process-id flood-list. The output of this command can be filtered, using regular expressions, by one of the following forms:

show ip ospf flood-list | begin regular-expression show ip ospf flood-list | exclude regular-expression show ip ospf flood-list | include regular-expression

Initial Cisco IOS Software Release: 12.0 (1)T

Example: Displaying All OSPF Floodlist Information

The following is a representative output from the show ip ospf flood-list EXEC command.

r4#show ip ospf flood-list

Interface Serial0/0, Queue length 0

Interface Ethernet1/0, Queue length 0

Interface Ethernet0/0, Queue length 0

Interface LoopbackO, Queue length 0


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