Autocost referencebandwidth bandwidth

Syntax Description:

® bandwidth— Value to use as the reference bandwidth when calculating the cost of an OSPF route. Range of values is 1 to 4,294,967 Mbps. The default value is 100 Mbps.

Purpose: By default, OSPF calculates the cost of an interface by dividing the bandwidth of the interface into 100,OOP.000.Table 3-1 lists the costs for various interface types. Using the default value when your network has interfaces with a bandwidth greater than 100,000,000 is not recommended. OSPF will not be able to differentiate between a 100-Mbps interface and any interface with a bandwidth greater than 100 Mbps. This command allows you to change the OSPF reference value globally so the calculated cost for every interface is updated. The cost for individual interfaces can be adjusted using the interface command ip ospf cost (see Section 19-5). The use of the ip ospf cost interface command is not recommended.

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