OSPF Network Design Methodology

Follow six common steps when designing your OSPF network. These steps are not absolute and do not guarantee the perfect network but provide you with realistic considerations for a well-designed OSPF network.

The six time-proven steps to designing a network are as follows:

Step 1 Analyze the requirements.

Step 2 Develop the network topology.

Step 3 Determine the addressing and naming conventions.

Step 4 Provision the hardware.

Step 5 Deploy protocol and Cisco IOS Software features. Step 6 Implement, monitor, and maintain the network.

Although your network might not have the latest technology, it might not really need it if you objectively determine the needs of a network by following this design methodology (see Figure 4-2). A network does not always need to have routers with the latest technology; however, networks must have the capability to meet the business needs for which they were designed.

Figure 4-2 Network Design Methodology

168 Chapter 4: Design Fundamentals

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