Configuring OSPF

OSPF is a straightforward protocol to get running at a basic level in Cisco routers. This section covers the process needed to activate OSPF and then examines how some of OSPF's advanced features can be configured and properly deployed on the different types of OSPF functional routers.

OSPF typically requires coordination among many internal routers, ABRs (routers connected to multiple areas), and Autonomous System Boundary Routers (ASBRs). At a minimum, OSPF-based routers, or access servers, can be configured with all default parameter values, no authentication, and interfaces assigned to areas. If you intend to customize your environment, you must ensure coordinated configurations of all routers.

To configure OSPF, complete the tasks in the following sections. Activating OSPF is mandatory. The other tasks are optional, but they might be required for your network.

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