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Henry Benjamin , CCIE No. 4695, holds three CCIE certifications (Routing and Switching, ISP Dial, and Communication and Services). Formerly with the Cisco Systems CCIE global team, Henry is now an independent consultant for a large security firm in Australia. He has served as a proctor for the CCIE Lab exams and is the author of CCNP Practical Studies: Routing from Cisco Press and CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Cram from Coriolis.

Matthew H. Birkner, CCIE No. 3719, is a technical leader at Cisco Systems, specializing in IP and MPLS network design. He has influenced multiple large carrier and enterprise designs worldwide. Matt has spoken at Cisco Networkers on MPLS VPN technologies in both the United States and EMEA over the past few years. Matt, a "Double CCIE," authored the Cisco Press book, Cisco Internetwork Design. Matt holds a B.S.E.E. from Tufts University, where he majored in electrical engineering.

Rick Burts, CCIE No. 4615, has over 20 years experience with computers and computer networks. Rick is a certified Cisco Systems instructor and a CCIE (Routing/Switching). He has taught a variety of Cisco courses and helped develop an OSPF course for Mentor Technologies. Rick is a consultant and has helped many customers with OSPF as their network routing protocol. He is a senior consultant with Chesapeake NetCraftsmen (www.netcraftsmen.net). In his current position, Rick deals with network design, implementation, and troubleshooting issues and teaches a few courses. Daniel L. Golding is peering manager in America Online's Internet Architecture group. Dan is responsible for ensuring worldwide Internet connectivity for all AOL Time Warner subscribers and properties. His particular areas of expertise include internetwork peering and routing policy design. He has a long history of involvement with various Internet service providers, particularly in the area of backbone engineering. Dan is also a frequent speaker at North American Network Operator's Group (NANOG) meetings and has been a network engineer for over six years.

John Hammond has been an instructor and course developer for Juniper Networks for the past two years. Prior to that he was a member of the teaching staff of Chesapeake Computer Consultants, Inc., a Cisco Training Partner. John has been involved in many aspects of networks since 1990.

Cary Riddock, CCNP, CSS1, has worked as an network engineer for some of the largest companies in Houston, Texas and Central Florida over the last six years. He is very active in the IT Security Field and is currently pursuing CCSP and CISSP certifications. His resume includes co-authoring MCNS for Cisco Press and is a contributing author for various network security publications.

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