Command History Release Modification

10.0 This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines When two routers attached to a network both attempt to become the designated router, the one with the higher router priority takes precedence. If there is a tie, the router with the higher router ID takes precedence. A router with a router priority set to zero is ineligible to become the designated router or backup designated router. Router priority is configured only for interfaces to multiaccess networks (in other words, not to point-to-point networks).

This priority value is used when you configure OSPF for nonbroadcast networks using the neighbor router configuration command for OSPF.

Examples The following example sets the router priority value to 4:

interface ethernet 0 ip ospf priority 4

Related Commands Command Description

ip ospf network

Configures the OSPF network type to a type other than the default for a given medium.

neighbor (OSPF)

Configures OSPF routers interconnecting to nonbroadcast networks.

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