Select Laptop Components

Laptop components need to be replaced for a variety of reasons:

■ The original part might be worn, damaged, or faulty.

■ You might want additional functionality, such as a wireless PC card that supports new standards.

■ You might want to improve performance by adding memory.

When implementing any of these changes, make sure that all new components are physically and electrically compatible with the existing components and operating system.

It is always a good idea to purchase components from a reputable source and research the warranty information. Components generally fall into two categories:

■ Retail-packaged: These components usually come with documentation, a full warranty, cables, mounting hardware, drivers, and software.

■ Original equipment manufacturer (OEM): OEM components are usually sold without packaging and require the user to locate documentation, software, drivers, and any additional hardware that might be needed. OEM components are usually less expensive and offer a shorter warranty period than similar retail packaged components. Using OEM components can result in substantial savings when upgrades are performed in bulk on many laptops, and additional support is not needed.

After completing this section, you will meet these objectives:

■ Select batteries.

■ Select a docking station or port replicator.

■ Select storage devices.

■ Select additional RAM.

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