SCSI Ports and Cables

A SCSI port can transmit data at rates in excess of 320 Mbps and can support up to 15 devices. If a single SCSI device is connected to a SCSI port, the cable can be up to 80 feet (24.4 m) in length. If multiple SCSI devices are connected to a SCSI port, the cable can be up to 40 (12.2 m) feet in length. A SCSI port on a computer can be one of three different types, as shown in Figure 1-15:

■ DB-25 female connector

■ High-density 50-pin female connector

■ High-density 68-pin female connector

Figure 1-15 SCSI Connectors


SCSI devices must be terminated at the endpoints of the SCSI chain. Check the device manual for termination procedures.


Some SCSI connectors resemble parallel connectors. Be careful not to connect the cable to the wrong port. The voltage used in the SCSI format may damage the parallel interface. SCSI connectors should be clearly labeled.

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