Identify the Names Purposes and Characteristics of Input Devices

An input device is used to enter data or instructions into a computer. Here are some examples of input devices:

■ Mouse and keyboard

■ Digital camera and digital video camera

■ Biometric authentication device

The mouse and keyboard are the two most commonly used input devices. The mouse is used to navigate the graphical user interface (GUI). The keyboard is used to enter text commands that control the computer.

Digital cameras and digital video cameras, shown in Figure 1-20, create images that can be stored on magnetic media. The image is stored as a file that can be displayed, printed, or altered.

Figure 1-20 Digital Cameras

Biometric identification uses features that are unique to an individual user, such as fingerprints, voice recognition, or a retinal scan. When combined with ordinary usernames, biometrics guarantees that the authorized person is accessing the data. Figure 1-21 shows a laptop that has a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Figure 1-21 Fingerprint Scanner

A touch screen has a pressure-sensitive transparent panel. The computer receives instructions specific to the place on the screen that the user touches.

A scanner digitizes an image or document. The digitization of the image is stored as a file that can be displayed, printed, or altered. A bar code reader is a type of scanner that reads

Universal Product Code (UPC) bar codes. It is widely used for pricing and inventory information.

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