Identify the Names Purposes and Characteristics of Cases and Power Supplies

The computer case provides protection and support for the computer's internal components. All computers need a power supply to convert alternating-current (AC) power from the wall socket into direct-current (DC) power. The size and shape of the computer case is usually determined by the motherboard and other internal components.

You can select a large computer case to accommodate additional components that may be required in the future. Other users may select a smaller case that requires minimal space. In general, the computer case should be durable and easy to service and should have enough room for expansion.

The power supply must provide enough power for the components that are currently installed and allow for additional components that may be added later. If you choose a power supply that powers only the current components, it may be necessary to replace the power supply when other components are upgraded.

After completing this section, you will meet these objectives:

■ Describe power supplies.

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