Identify Common Uses of Laptops

The most significant feature of a laptop is the compact size. The design of the laptop places the keyboard, screen, and internal components into a small, portable case.

Another popular feature of the laptop is that it can be used almost anywhere. A rechargeable battery allows the laptop to function when it is disconnected from an AC power source.

The first laptops were used primarily by businesspeople who needed to access and enter data when they were away from the office. The use of laptops was limited because of expense, weight, and limited capabilities compared to less expensive desktops.

Today laptops have lower prices and increased capabilities. A laptop is now a real alternative to a desktop computer.

Common uses for the laptop include the following:

■ Taking notes in school or researching papers

■ Presenting information in business meetings

■ Accessing data away from home or the office

■ Playing games or watching movies while traveling

■ Accessing the Internet in a public place

■ Sending and receiving e-mail in a public place

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    Which technology have been used by teacher, doctor and office worker before digital techno?
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