Identify Common Network Problems and Solutions

Network problems can be attributed to hardware, software, connectivity issues, or some combination of the three. You will resolve some types of network problems more often than others. Table 8-9 is a chart of common network problems and solutions.

Table 8-9 Common Problems and Solutions

Problem Symptom

Possible Solution

The computer can't connect to a popular

Check DNS settings, hardware, and


software firewall settings.

The computer has an IP address of

Check to make sure that the DHCP server


is operational and can be pinged.

The computer can't connect to the network.

Check for loose network cables.

The computer can't print using the network

Check user permissions and the status of


the network printer.

Worksheet 8.12.2: Diagnose a Network Problem

In this worksheet you diagnose a network problem. Refer to the worksheet in IT Essentials:

PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide, Third Edition. You may perform this worksheet now or wait until the end of the chapter.

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