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The floppy drive data cable has a 34-pin connector. Like the PATA data cable, the floppy drive data cable has a stripe to denote the location of pin 1. A floppy drive data cable usually has three 34-pin connectors. One connector at the end of the cable connects to the motherboard. The other two connectors connect to drives. If multiple floppy drives are installed, the A: drive connects to the end connector after the twist in the cable. The B: drive connects to the middle connector.

Plug the floppy drive data cable into the drive with the pin 1 indicator on the cable aligned to the pin 1 indicator on the drive connector. Motherboards have one floppy drive controller, which provides support for a maximum of two floppy drives.


If pin 1 on the floppy drive data cable is not aligned with pin 1 on the drive connector, the floppy drive will not function. This misalignment will not damage the drive, but the drive activity light will display continuously. To fix this problem, turn off the computer and reconnect the data cable so that pin 1 on the cable and pin 1 on the connector are aligned. Reboot the computer.

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