Describe Preventive Maintenance Procedures for Networks

Preventive maintenance is just as important for the network as it is for the computers on a network. You must check the condition of cables, network devices, servers, and computers to make sure that they are kept clean and are in good working order. You should develop a plan to perform scheduled maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals. This helps you prevent network downtime and equipment failures.

As part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program, inspect all cabling for breaks. Make sure that cables are labeled correctly and labels are not coming off. Replace any worn or unreadable labels. Check that cable supports are properly installed and that no attachment points are coming loose. Cabling can become damaged and worn. You should keep the cabling in good repair to maintain good network performance.

As a technician, you may notice if equipment is failing, damaged, or making unusual sounds. Inform the network administrator to prevent unnecessary network downtime.

Cables at workstations and printers should be checked carefully. Cables are often moved or kicked when they are under desks, and they can be bent. These conditions can result in loss of bandwidth or connectivity. You should also be proactive in the education of network users. Demonstrate to network users how to properly connect and disconnect cables, as well as how to move them if necessary.

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