Describe Laptops and Other Portable Devices

Early laptops were heavy and expensive. Today, laptops are very popular because advances in technology have resulted in laptops that cost less, weigh less, and have improved capabilities. Many laptops can be configured with an additional video port, a FireWire port, an infrared port, or an integrated camera.


Notebooks, laptops, and tablets are types of portable computers. For clarity and consistency in IT Essentials I, all portable computers will be called laptops.

PDAs and smartphones are examples of portable, handheld devices that are becoming more popular. PDAs offer features such as games, web surfing, e-mail, instant messaging, and many other features offered by PCs. Smartphones are cell phones with many built-in PDA capabilities. PDAs and smartphones can run some of the same software as laptops.

After completing the following sections, you will meet these objectives:

■ Identify some common uses of laptops

■ Identify some common uses of PDAs and smartphones

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