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Most of the functions that a desktop can perform can also be performed by a laptop. However, these two kinds of computers are built very differently and the parts are not interchangeable. As an example, a airplane and a helicopter can each travel to the same destination, but they cannot be repaired with the same spare parts. This is also true for laptops and desktops. Few components can be shared between desktops and laptops.

Desktop components tend to be standardized. They usually meet universal form factors, meaning that desktops made by different manufacturers can often use the same components. A common desktop form factor is Advanced Technology Extended (ATX). When purchasing upgrade parts for this form factor, you will look for ATX motherboards and ATX power supplies. This standard should guarantee that the motherboard and power supply will work in the ATX case. A DVD/CD-RW drive is another example of a desktop component that has a standard form factor.

Laptop components are much more specialized than desktop components. This is because laptop manufacturers focus on refining laptop components to make them more efficient and compact. As a result, manufacturers design laptop components to follow their own specific form factors. Laptop components are proprietary, so you might not be able to use components made by one laptop manufacturer to repair a laptop made by another manufacturer.


Technicians might have to obtain certification for each laptop manufacturer they support.

After completing the following sections, you will meet these objectives:

■ Compare and contrast desktop and laptop motherboards

■ Compare and contrast desktop and laptop processors

■ Compare and contrast desktop and laptop power management

■ Compare and contrast desktop and laptop expansion capabilities

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