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You can find the answers to these questions in the appendix, "Answers to Check Your Understanding Questions."

1. Computer components should be disposed of properly to meet state and federal standards. Which of the following dangerous materials can be found in computer components? (Choose three.)













2. A technician has been called to troubleshoot a computer. The user reports that the computer has become louder during use and programs are slow to load. Which component is most likely beginning to fail?

b. Hard drive c. Memory d. Floppy drive

3. Which of the following devices should not be repaired while using antistatic devices? (Choose two.)

a. Hard drive b. Memory c. Modem d. Monitor e. Power supply

4. Which of the following peripherals would be considered output devices? (Choose





Display monitor









5. What is a safety concern that technicians need to remember when working on a CRT?

a. Risk of chemical burns b. Risk of electrical shock c. Risk of phosphor contamination d. Risk of lead poisoning

6. A user has moved to a different location on the same campus. The network media is different at the new location. Which of the following considerations will affect the choice of the replacement NIC? (Choose two.)

a. Availability of expansion slot b. Type of memory c. Network protocols used in the new location d. Type of hard drive e. Type of lighting

7. While performing regular maintenance on a computer, a technician notices that the NIC is loose in an expansion slot. What is the proper course of action?

a. Replace the NIC with a new card.

b. Use thermal paste to secure the card in the expansion slot.

c. Secure the adapter card in the expansion slot and tighten the retaining screw.

d. The slot is most likely damaged. Use a new slot if one is available.

8. Which activity increases the chance of computer components becoming damaged from ESD?

a. Touching the metal case before working on a computer b. Walking across a carpet or a rug and touching components c. Using antistatic mats when working with components d. Using nonmagnetic tools when working on a computer

9. Which of the following causes can affect the correct flow of air and lead to a computer overheating? (Choose two.)

a. Two case fans: one pulling and one pushing b. Missing expansion slot cover c. Dust buildup around fans and air vents d. Heat sink added to the Northbridge chipset e. Missing slot coolers

10. As an on-site technician, you have been given the assignment of replacing a damaged motherboard on a customer's computer. You will need to transport the motherboard to the residence. Which is the best method to carry the motherboard?

a. Wrap the motherboard in a piece of lint-free cloth.

b. Carry the motherboard in an antistatic bag.

c. Carry the motherboard in a metal-lined plastic box.

d. Carry the motherboard in a paper bag.

11. Which of the following actions should you not perform if you want to prevent your computer from any type of ESD while servicing the computer? (Choose two.)

a. Wear an antistatic wrist band.

b. Keep one hand in contact with the bare metal frame of the computer at all times.

c. Make sure that the room in which the computer is serviced is carpeted.

d. Make sure that the room in which the computer is serviced is cool and dry.

e. Do not wear cotton clothes.

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