DialIn Security Concerns

The dial-in environment has security considerations similar to those involved in securing a corporation's Internet access, discussed in the preceding chapter. It may be necessary to restrict access to certain areas of the corporate network depending on who the remote user is and from where they are trying to obtain the connection. It is usually a good idea to incorporate firewall functionality into the dial-in access perimeters and to implement some kind of auditing and intrusion detection system to keep accurate connection and traffic statistics.

Regardless of how dial-in access is provided to the corporate network (as an extension using leased lines, ISDN, or POTS networks, or as a connection from remote parts of the Internet), the main security concerns lie in the following areas:

• Identifying the caller

• Identifying the location of the caller

• Identifying the destination of the call

• Keeping track of accessed applications and data

• Keeping track of the duration of a connection

• Ensuring authenticated communication

• Ensuring private communication

Note For all equipment that is part of the dial-in infrastructure, the same security precautions should be used on the devices composing the corporate dial-in infrastructure as described in Chapter 8, "Securing the Corporate Network Infrastructure."

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