Chapter Review

1. Both the provider and the customer of a service should be concerned with service level monitoring. Why is this so?

2. Assume that you are a service customer and are about to enter an SLA with a service provider to provide you with video phone service across your enterprise network. Can you think of some service level parameters that you might want to include in service level objectives of the SLA? (Pick three.)

3. In addition to a set of service level objectives, what else should an SLA spell out?

4. Give an example of a voice service level parameter that cannot be derived from an underlying network parameter.

5. Give an example of a service level parameter of a voice service that, when decomposed, contains a network service level parameter as a component.

6. Assume that your SLA specifies a maintenance interval of 1 hour per month. When measuring the availability of your network, you forget to take this maintenance interval into account and accidentally include 30 minutes that your service was not available during this interval. How much is your availability number skewed?

7. Name a technique that can be used to set up an early warning system for impending service level violations.

8. Assume for a moment that you are a service provider. A customer complains about the level of service he received. Your first impulse is to give little credibility to that complaint—you are quite certain that the level of service that you provided was well within the targets set by the service objectives. However, the customer produces as evidence a log file with service level measurements that were taken over the past month. Which three questions might you want to go over in your mind to assess the validity of the customer's claims?

9. What trade-off does a service provider need to assess when deciding whether and by how much to oversubscribe resources?

10. What strategy might a service provider take when realizing that resource contention occurs, to prevent everybody's service level from dropping?

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