Internetworking Challenges

Implementing a functional internetwork is no simple task. Many challenges must be faced, especially in the areas of connectivity, reliability, network management, and flexibility. Each area is key in establishing an efficient and effective internetwork.

The ch allenge when connecting various systems is to support communication among disparate technologies. Different sites, for example, may use different types of media operating at varying speeds, or may even include different types of systems that need to communicate.

Because companies rely heavily on data communication, internetworks must provide a certain level of reliability. This is an unpredictable world, so many large internetworks include redundancy to allow for communication even when problems occur.

Furthermore, network management must provide centralized support and troubleshooting capabilities in an internetwork. Configuration, security, performance, and other issues must be adequately addressed for the internetwork to function smoothly. Security within an internetwork is essential. Many peopl e t It ink of ngtwork securlty from the perspective of protecti ng the private network from outside attacks. However, it is just as important to protect the network from internal attacks, especially because most security breaches come from inside. Networks must also be se cured so tnat the internal net work cann ot pe used as a tool to attack other external sites.

Early in the year 2fff, many major web sites were the victims of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. These attacks weoe possible becau se a great numoer of pnvate networks currently connected with the Internet were not properly secured. These private networks were used as tools for the attackers.

Because noth ing in this world is stagem^ mtetnefworks mu st be flexible en oogh to change with new derm ands.

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