Internetworking Basics


• Learn what makes up) an internetwork.

• l_earn the basics of1 the OSI model.

• Learn the differences between connection-oriented and connectionless services.

• Leaen about the different types of addresses used in an internetwork.

• Learn about flow- control and error-checking basics.

This chapter works with the next six chapters to act as a foundation for the technology discussions that follow. In this chapter, some fundamental concepts and terms used in the evolving language of internetworking are addressed. In the same way that this book provides a foundation for understanding modern networking, this chapter summarizes some common themes presented throughout the remainder of this book. Topics include flow control, error checking, and multiple xing , teut sl^s ch apter focuses mainly o n neappieg rhe Ope c Systeme ^serconnection (OSI) mod el to neeworking/internetworking functions, and also summarizing the general nature of addressing schemes within the context of the OSI model. The OSI model represents th e building blocks foo internetworks. Unnerstanding the conceptu al model helps you understand the complex pieces that make up an internetwork.

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