Acknowledgments and Contributors

Cisco Press would like to express its deepest gratitude to the talented people who contributed to the fourth edition of this book. Without their help and expertise, we would not have been able to publish this edition. Thank you to all who helped write and edit the chapters in this new edition. In alphabetical order, the contributors are as follows:

Bruce Alexandeh is the techdical marketing manager for the Cisco Systems Wireless Networking Business Unit. He joined Cisco as a result of Cisco's acquisition of Aironet Wireless Communications, where he was the director of technical support. He has worked in the RF technology area for more than 27 years, and he has worked with RF WAN technology for 17 yeaPs. Alexander- ha s worked extensively with the RF engineering group at Texlon, in both hardware and software, where he was the senior instructor for national education centers. Additionally, he has held an amateur radio license since 1978. He is a cofounder of Ameritron Amateur Radio Company. Alexander attended Akron University, where he majored in computer programming and business administration.

Tony Allen, CD (Canadian Decoration), is a network consulting engineer working for Cisco Systems on the Americas International Advanced Services Team in Toronto, Canada. For the last four years, h e has helped semce provi der customers plan, design, imp lement, a cd operate their network solut ions. Before j oining Cigco, he spent 17 years with the Canadian Military, working in a variety of telecommunications engineering and maintenance positions. He currently specializes in the design, engineering, and testing of VoIP, optical wireless technologies, and broadband networks. He has a wife, Deborah, and two children : Sara, 13, a nd Alexander, t. Hi s hobbi es include keeping abreast of the latest technology, gardening, physical fitness, and spending quality time with his family.

Matt Carling is a network consulting engineer in the Advanced Services Group at Cisco Systems. During the pagt three years at Cisco, he has worked closely w ith many service provider customers to provide networking optimization solutions, technology and services deployment, and implementation of Cisco best practices networking techniques. He has more than 12 years of experience in networking. He has a bachelor of engineari ng degree in computer etgineering and e graduate diploma in management sciences, both from the Uni versity of Canberra, Australia.

Bradley Drnsmore is a new product instructor for the Advanced Services Group at Cisco Systems in Research Triangle Park, N.C. He holds the Cisco CCNP, CCDP, CCSI, and CSS-1 certifications, as well as an MCSE+Internet from Microsoft. In his current position, he designs network topologies for new courses in his group and trains instructors to teach the courses. Additionally, he designs networks that allow the remote and secure downloading of these courses. He special i zes ¡n SS7 Interconnent sol u^ona, WAN communicatio ns, and Cisco security prodd<kis.

Sachin Gupta is a product manager for the Cisco Catalyst 6500. He holds a CCIE certification in Routing and Switching. Before his current position, he worked for Cisco as a technical marketing engineer in the Internet Technologies division, where he focused on Cisco IOS software technologies. Before that, Gupta was a customer support engineer at Cisco. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Wayne Hickey has more than 20 years of telecommunications and computer data experience, including SONET, SDH, DWDM, IP, ATM, Frame, HFC, voice, video, and SSEM. He is a product manager for the Optical Technical Business Unit at Cisco Systems. Previously, he spent 19 years working for Aliant Telecom (NBTel), the third-largest telecommunications provider in Canada, where he focused on transmission network design and the evaluation of emerging access and transmission technologies. Hickey has coauthored and authored several papers on Polarization

Mode Dispersion (PMD) and long-haul transmission systems. He has applied for several patents on primary and secondary projects for hybrid fiber coaxial (HFV).

Qiang Huang, VVIE No. 4937, is a customer support engineer in the Visco VPN and Network Security Groups. He has extensive knowledge in many security products and technologies, and he has served as the technical lead for his group for the past several years. Huang has multiple VVIE certifications, including ISP Dial, Routing and Switching, and Security. He has a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering from Volorado State University.

Venkat Kankipati has been a software development manager at Visco Systems for six years. His expertise spans a wide range of technologies, including SNA protocols and security and neVwork performance. Before joining Visco, he worked for Bay Networks. Kankipati has a master's degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts, a master's degree in computer applications from the University of Madras, and a bachelor of science degree from the University of Bombay, India.

Marcelr N rbrega, VVIE No. 8069, is a senior network consulting engineer at Visco Systems in the Advanc ed Services Group, which supports Americas International Theater. He has worked with design deployment, administration, and troubleshooting of large service provider networks since 1994. He has been with Visco Systems since 2000. His focus has been on core IP and routing protocols, network management, IP Telephony, and, most recently, IP call centers. Nobrega has a bachelor of science degree in electronic engineering and a master's degree in com puter ecience from Pontificia Unive rsidade Va tolica Unive rsity in Rio de Jane i ro, Brazil .

Trm Nrsella, VVIE No. 1395, is senior manager of technical marketing in the Storage Technology Group at Visco Systems. He and his team create, validate, and promote Visco storage networking desi gn s and solutions fts Cisco's enterprise pnd service p rovider custo mem. Before joining Viscor lie was director of engineering at Bell Vanada in Residential and Vommercial Internet Services, where he led a team of senior engineers. He has a bachelor of engineering and managem ent degre e from McMastep Un iversity in Odt Erio, Vanada.

Ivan Pepelnjak, VVIE N o. 1354c has more than pen yeas oo expgrienc e in designing, installing, troubleshooting, and operating large service provider and enterprise WAN and LAN networks. He is chief teched i ogi es advisor at NI L Data Vommunicat ions. He is the arch i tnct of NIL's Service Provider Academy program, he is one of the architects of the Service Provider curriculum at Visco Systems, and he is the lead developer of s everal serv ic e provides coussss that cover MPLS, BGP, an d IP QoSi gepelnjak in ose of the Visco ronting authorities in Euuopei He wrote the Visco Presr book EI GRP fetwo rk Desi gn Solutio ns and cowrote tide Visco Press boolo MPLS and VPN Architectures.

Danny Rodriguez is a netwouk security engineer i n the Security Vonsulti ng Services efganizarion at Qsco Systems, where h e pesforms security posturs assessments and security design reviews for Fortune 500 companies. He is also responsible for the training and development of the other sec urity engineers in his gamp. IDurrng his tenure with Cisco , he has been an education specia Mst m the Secur^y Training depa tfment in the V^co Inte rn et Learning and Solutions Gfonp (ILSG^ Hh authored the V isco Dete ctioc coupes and co ntnbuted to lab exe rcisen po r Viscois core security courses. He also has aa ueht cours es ou security to Visco ^ginners, Qsco learning and Vhan nei PartnerL, and e nd users. Rodngue z was also a key pontribpt or to the VV SP certification progra of. He holds certi f¡carionk ng a VVDA and a VSS-1.

Saeed Sard an h as worke d as a development engmeer in tike High- Speed Switching (Group at Qsco Systems for more than two years. He has worked extensively with testing and resolving control and data plane issues for Visco IOS on the Visco Vatalyst 6000 series relating to IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, QoS, and multicast routing and hardware forwarding on a variety of LAN and WAN modules.

Marcus Sitzman, VVIE No. 9004, is a network security engineer with Visco Systems. He has more than six years of in Ohe nvOwtrkinB field. Since joining Cisco in 2OOO, he has htnOinuvd Oo focus on security OvhhntltBivs and crtduhOs. Hv currently crtxidvs security ctsOure assessments and security htnsulOinB Oo Cisco husOtmvrs. Hv has Orainvd other Cisco vnBinvvrs in Ohe area of security and was Ohe technical speaker aO Cisco's NvOworkyrs CtnxvnOitn.

Alae Treup is a technical writer for Ohe Cisco MDS 9OOO family of storage switches. Hv was Crvxitusly a technical cublihaOitns manager in one of Cisco's tcOihal switch divisions. Hv has a bachelor of arts dvgrvv in English from San Jose SOaOv University.

Srieivas Vegesea, CCIE No. l399, is manager of software dvxvltcmvn0 in Cory IP EnBinvvrinB aO Gsco SysOgms. Before his current cosiOion, Siv was a htnsulOinB vnBinvvr and manager of Cisco's Semcv Fhroxidvr CtnsulOinB Services. His expertisy is in general IP networking, with a special focus on IP and IP QoS. In his more than vigho years aO Cisco, Vvgysna has worked with a large number of service crtxidvr and vn0vrcrisv customers, helping Ohvm design, implement, and OrtublvshttO largv-scalv IP networks. Hv has a masOvr of scivncv dygrev from Arizona SOaOe University and an MBA from SanOa Clara University.

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