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This book is an update to CCDA Self-Study: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN), ISBN 1-58705-141-9. This second edition reflects changes to the DESGN course. The following are the major changes between editions:

■ Every chapter has been rewritten. Some material that was removed from the main portion of the previous edition because of course changes has been put in sidebars, as appropriate. The appendixes have been modified and updated to reflect the book's content.

■ The methodology used throughout the book is now based on Cisco's SONA framework and Enterprise architectures.

■ New topics include the design of the data center and the design of teleworker and branch offices.

■ A new chapter on wireless network design, Chapter 9, has been included.

■ Chapter 1 has been enhanced to include a more thorough review of networking fundamentals and to reflect new prerequisite material.

■ Some information on IP addressing in the main body of the first edition has been moved to Appendix B.

■ Chapter 10 includes details of Cisco network security solutions and the Cisco Self-Defending Network strategy.

■ The information about network management has been condensed and moved to Chapter 3.

■ The case study is new and includes a more thorough examination of network design issues. Simulation output is no longer included.

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