Top Down Approach Compared to BottomUp Approach

A top-down approach to design has many benefits compared to a bottom-up approach, including the following:

■ Incorporating the customer organization's requirements

■ Providing the customer and the designer with the "big picture" of the desired network

■ Providing a design that is appropriate for both current requirements and future development

The disadvantage of the top-down approach is that it is more time-consuming than the bottom-up approach; it necessitates a requirement analysis so that the design can be adapted to the identified needs.

A benefit of the bottom-up approach—selecting the devices and technologies and then moving toward services and applications—is that it allows a quick response to a design request. This design approach facilitates designs based on the designer's previous experience.

The major disadvantage of the bottom-up approach is that it can result in an inappropriate design, leading to costly redesign.

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