Threat Defense

This section discusses the threat defense element of the Cisco Self-Defending Network. Network security must protect a business from increasing threats such as access breaches, "Day Zero" worm attacks and viruses (the first day of the threat), DoS attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, Trojan horses, and internal threats. Threats today, both known and unknown, continue to become more destructive and frequent than in the past and can significantly affect business profitability.

Appropriate security technologies and advanced networking intelligence are required to effectively defend against attacks. To be most effective, these technologies must be implemented throughout the network, rather than just in specific products or technologies, because an attack can start anywhere and instantly spread across all network resources.

The Cisco Threat Defense System enhances security in an existing network infrastructure, adds comprehensive security on the endpoints (both server and desktops), and adds dedicated security technologies to networking devices and appliances, proactively defending the business, applications, users, and network and protecting businesses from operation disruption, lost revenue, and loss of reputation. The Cisco Threat Defense System comprises several critical technologies and products, enabling security integrated in routers, switches, and appliances— including firewalls, network-based IPS sensors and detection instrumentation, and traffic isolation techniques. The Cisco Security Agent provides endpoint protection. These technologies and products are described in later sections, after a discussion of physical security.

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