The Cisco Service Oriented Network Architecture

The extremely rich variety of application-level business solutions available today and the need to integrate these applications drives the need for a new network architecture. This section introduces the Cisco vision and framework that enable customers to build a more intelligent network infrastructure. the Cisco SONA architectural framework shifts the view of the network from a pure traffic transport-oriented view toward a service- and application-oriented view.

Business Drivers for a New Network Architecture

New business requirements, the growth of applications, and the evolution of IT combine to drive the need for a new network architecture. In today's business environment, intense competition and time-to-market pressures are prompting enterprises to look for new IT solutions that can help them better respond to market and customer demands. Consumers are asking for new products and service offerings—and they want them fast. They are also demanding improved customer service, enhanced customization flexibility, and greater security, all at a lower cost.

Modern networks connect multiple resources and information assets within the organization as well as provide access to external resources. In this environment, the IT model has evolved from mainframes, to client/server models, to Internet applications, as illustrated in Figure 2-1. The Cisco vision of the next phase of IT evolution is a real-time infrastructure that integrates the network and the applications as one system.

Figure 2-1 IT Evolution from Connectivity to Intelligent Systems

Proprietary Network

Figure 2-1 IT Evolution from Connectivity to Intelligent Systems

Proprietary Network

Integrated System for Terminal to Mainframe Connectivity (VTAM)

Demand for Networks to

Connect Multivendor Devices (Packets)

Pervasive, Open Networks Enable Client/Server to Extend Beyond Corporate Boundaries (TCP/IP)

Real-Time Infrastructure ▲

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