The Cisco Self Defending Network Framework

To mitigate and prevent information theft, organizations must implement precautions such as establishing formal organizational security policies, enforcing access rights to authenticated users, and securing the transport of data and voice communications. Security must be fully integrated into all aspects of the network to proactively recognize potential suspicious activity, identify threats, react adaptively, and facilitate a coordinated response to attacks. Cisco has defined the Self-Defending Network to take advantage of the intelligence in network resources and to protect organizations by identifying, preventing, and adapting to threats from both internal and external sources.

The Self-Defending Network's integrated network security incorporates the following three critical elements, as illustrated in Figure 10-7:

■ Trust and identity management: To protect critical assets by allowing access based on privilege level

■ Threat defense: To minimize and mitigate outbreaks

■ Secure connectivity: To ensure privacy and confidentiality of communications

Figure 10-7 Cisco Self-Defending Network

Efficient security management, control, and response

Advanced technologies and security services to

• Protect critical assets

• Mitigate the effects of outbreaks

• Ensure privacy

Network as Platform

Operational Management and Policy Control

Trust and Identity Management

Threat Defense

Secure Network Platform

Secure Connectivity

These three elements are explored in detail starting in the upcoming "Trust and Identity Management" section.

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