Terminology Domains Bandwidth Unicast Broadcast and Multicast

The following is some terminology related to the operation of network devices:

■ A domain is a specific part of a network.

■ Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be carried across a network in a given time period.

■ Unicast data is data meant for a specific device.

■ Broadcast data is data meant for all devices; a special broadcast address indicates this.

■ Multicast data is data destined for a specific group of devices; again, a special address indicates this.

■ A bandwidth domain, known as a collision domain for Ethernet LANs, includes all devices that share the same bandwidth.

■ A broadcast domain includes all devices that receive each others' broadcasts (and multicasts).

Devices in the same bandwidth domain are also in the same broadcast domain; however, devices in the same broadcast domain can be in different bandwidth domains.

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