In this chapter, you learned about fundamental networking concepts; these concepts form a solid foundation for understanding the rest of this book. The following topics were explored:

■ Introduction to networks

■ Discussion of networking protocols and the OSI model, a key component of networking and the basis of modern protocol suites

■ Network devices, including hubs, switches, and routers

■ Introduction to the TCP/IP suite and a discussion of the IP, TCP, and UDP protocols

■ Routing, including an introduction to routing protocols

■ Addressing, including MAC and IP addresses

■ Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching

■ Use and operation of STP in Layer 2 networks

■ Concept and operation of VLANs

■ Comprehensive example illustrating the encapsulation and unencapsulation processes

This chapter introduces a network design methodology and presents guidelines for building an effective network design solution. It includes the following sections:

■ The Cisco Service Oriented Network Architecture

■ Network Design Methodology

■ Identifying Customer Requirements

■ Characterizing the Existing Network and Sites

■ Using the Top-Down Approach to Network Design

■ The Design Implementation Process

■ References

■ Case Study: ACMC Hospital Network Upgrade

■ Review Questions


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