In this chapter, you learned about selecting routing protocols for enterprise networks. The following topics were explored:

■ Static versus dynamic routing

■ Interior versus exterior gateway routing protocols

■ Distance vector versus link-state versus hybrid routing protocols

■ Routing protocol metrics

■ Routing protocol convergence

■ Flat versus hierarchical protocols

■ EIGRP, a Cisco-proprietary routing protocol that includes a topology table for maintaining all routes received from its neighbors. The best of these routes are put in the routing table.

■ OSPF, an open-standard protocol that was developed to overcome the limitations of RIP

■ Integrated IS-IS, a routing protocol designed for the OSI protocol suite and adapted for IP

■ BGP, an exterior routing protocol primarily used for inter-AS routing

■ Route redistribution use in a network running multiple routing protocols

■ Route filtering to prevent the advertisement of certain routes through the routing domain

■ Route summarization to represent a series of routes by a single summary address

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