Static and Dynamic IPv6 Name Resolution

IPv6 and IPv4 name resolutions are similar. The following two name resolutions are available with IPv6:

■ Static name resolution: Accomplished by manual entries in the host's local configuration files.

■ Dynamic name resolution: Accomplished using a DNS server that supports IPv6, usually along with IPv4 support. As shown in Figure 6-22, an IPv6-aware application requests the destination hostname's IPv6 address from the DNS server using a request for an A6 record; an A6 record is a new DNS feature that contains an address record for an IPv6 host. The task of querying for the address is done with the name resolver, which is usually part of the operating system. The network administrator must set up the appropriate DNS server with IPv6 support and connect it to the IPv6 network with a valid IPv6 address. The hosts must also have IPv6 addresses.

Figure 6-22 IPv6 Name Resolution 3ffe:b00::1"/> 3ffe:b00::1

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