RMON is a MIB that provides support for proactive management of LAN traffic.

The RMON standard allows packet and traffic patterns on LAN segments to be monitored. RMON tracks the following items:

■ Number of packets

■ Broadcasts

■ Network utilization

■ Errors and conditions, such as Ethernet collisions

■ Statistics for hosts, including errors generated by hosts, busiest hosts, and which hosts communicate with each other

RMON features include historical views of RMON statistics based on user-defined sample intervals, alarms that are based on user-defined thresholds, and packet capture based on user-defined filters.

NOTE RMON is defined as a portion of the MIB II database. RFC 28l9, Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base, defines the objects for managing remote network monitoring devices. RFC 1513, Token Ring Extensions to the Remote Network Monitoring MIB, defines extensions to the RMON MIB for managing IEEE 802.5 Token Ring networks.


Without RMON, a MIB could be used to check the device's network performance. However, doing so would lead to a large amount of bandwidth required for management traffic. By using RMON, the managed device itself (via its RMON agent) collects and stores the data that would otherwise be retrieved from the MIB frequently.

RMON agents can reside in routers, switches, hubs, servers, hosts, or dedicated RMON probes. Because RMON can collect a lot of data, dedicated RMON probes are often used on routers and switches instead of enabling RMON agents on these devices. Performance thresholds can be set and reported on if the threshold is breached; this helps reduce management traffic. RMON provides effective network fault diagnosis, performance tuning, and planning for network upgrades.

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