Protocols and Standards

Several protocols are used within the network management architecture.


SNMP is the simplest network management protocol. SNMP version 1 (SNMPvl) was extended to SNMP version 2 (SNMPv2) with its variants, which were further extended with SNMP version 3 (SNMPv3).

The MIB is a detailed definition of the information on a network device and is accessible through a network management protocol, such as SNMP.

RMON is an extension of the MIB. The MIB typically provides only static information about the managed device; the RMON agent collects specific groups of statistics for long-term trend analysis.

NOTE The ISO network management model defines the following five functional areas of network management (which are abbreviated as FCAPS): fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management. The FCAPS model and these functional areas are rarely implemented in a single enterprise-wide network management system. A typical enterprise uses a variety of network infrastructure and service elements managed by element-specific network management systems.

NOTE Information on specific management systems for technologies such as voice, security, and wireless are provided in the relevant chapters in this book.

The following sections discuss SNMP, MIB, and RMON in detail.

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