Network Management Protocols and Features

Proper network management is a critical component of an efficient network. Network administrators need tools to monitor the functionality of the network devices, the connections between them, and the services they provide. SNMP has become the de facto standard for use in network management solutions and is tightly connected with remote monitoring (RMON) and Management Information Bases (MIB). Each managed device in the network has several variables that quantify the state of the device. You can monitor managed devices by reading the values of these variables, and you can control managed devices by writing values into these variables.

This section introduces SNMP and describes the differences between SNMP versions 1, 2, and 3. The role of MIBs in SNMP and RMON monitoring is described, and Cisco's network discovery protocol, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), is introduced. The section concludes with a description of methods for gathering network statistics.

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