Infrastructure Protection


Infrastructure protection consists of the measures taken to minimize the risks and threats to which the network elements are exposed so as to preserve the integrity and availability of the network as a transport entity.

To meet business needs, it is critical to utilize security features and services to protect the infrastructure so that network devices are not accessed or altered in an unauthorized manner and so that end-to-end network transport and integrated services are available.

Deploying recommended practices and security policy enforcement to harden network devices helps secure the network foundation by protecting network elements and the integrity of their interactions. Cisco has enhanced the Cisco IOS software security features and services for both network elements and infrastructure, to improve the availability of the network elements and the network.

NOTE Device hardening is limiting information provided by devices to only the information necessary to support business needs. For example, if it is not necessary for a device to respond to pings, that function should be turned off so that the device will not provide information to hackers.

Secure network infrastructure solutions include ASAs and routers and switches with integrated security.

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