G.SHDSL, 305 gain (RF), 568-570 gatekeepers, H.323

call signaling, 505 importance of, 505-506

gateways, H.323, 504

geography (networks), Enterprise Campus networks, 228-230 GLBP, 172

global aggregatable unicast IPv6 addresses, 411, 482

goals, network design methodologies organizational goals, 75-77 technical goals, 80-81 GoS (Grade of Service), voice traffic engineering, 546 GPRS (General Packet Radio Services), WAN, 310

gradients of trust, Self-Defending Networks, 673

gratuitous updates. See triggered updates GRE (Generic Route Encapsulation), Layer 3

tunneling, 341-343 grids, Enterprise Data Center networks, 271 ground starts, analog signaling, 491 GSM (Global System for Mobile), WAN, 310 guest services (UWN), design considerations, 628-629

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