fast switching (routers), WAN, 340 FCAPS network management model, 188 FD (Feasible Distance), 448 feature inheritance principle (Cisco IOS

Packaging), 350 FEC (Forwarding Equivalence Classes), 301 fiber-optic cable, dark fiber, 314-315 file sharing, Enterprise Campus networks,

223 filtering converting analog signals to digital, 480 routes, BGP, 470


IOS Firewalls, security, 700 Self-Defending Networks authentication, 681 filtering via ACL, 678-679

first-hop redundancy, building distribution layer (Enterprise Campus networks), 254-255

fixed network delays, voice networks, 522-523 flapping, 388

flash updates. See triggered updates flat routing protocols, 444-445

floating static routes, 338

FLSM (Fixed-Length Subnet Masks), 390-391

forward-delay parameters, STP states, 46

four-way handshakes, 23

Frame Relay/ATM module (Enterprise

Architecture), 156-157 Frame Relays, 300, 315 frames, 7, 324-325 FRR (Fast Reroute), MPLS, 303 fully meshed topologies (packet-switched networks), 297-298 FX (Foreign Exchange) trunks, 489 FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) trunks, 489 FXS trunks, 489

external security threats (Enterprise Architecture)

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